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Joined as DeriDari chef in April 2021


home-icon Lives in Atlanta
heart-icon Breakfast, Brunch, Backyard BBQ, Pasta, Southern Cuisine, Garde Manger, Knife Skills

About Q.D Denson

My interest in cooking was heavily  infuenced by my environment, ( and Food Network of course!), due to both  of my parents being cooks in the military, and my mothers continued work in the food industry after they left. My grandmothers on both of my parents sides were very popular cooks as well. My dads mom sold homemade cakes and pies to the  entire neighborhood, & for family holidays my mom's mother hosted fabulous dinners every year. This sparked my interest in cooking, and from that age I always knew I was going to be a chef one day. I took my first culinary art classes  in high school  at the age of 16 and earned my first cooking   certification.  I attended my first culinary competition at the age of 16, and competed in my first chili cook off at 17.  After high school I furthered my culinary education &  went on to graduate with a degree in Culinary Arts from the Arts Institute of Atlanta in 2015. 
I have worked in many  kitchens post  graduation, and have been introduced to a variety of cuisines, recipes,  and cooking techniques. I have been the featured chef at an award winning  resteraunt with my BBQ & Brunch Menus.  I look forward  to sharing my passions for the arts with all my fellow foodies. 

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