Cooking with cashew cream

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Intimidated to cook with a chef? Don't be!

Monika wants you to know she is not vegan. However, she has enjoyed a plant-based diet for the past 9 years and in four short years, has built a career exclusively focused on plant-based cooking. She's had the pleasure of cooking and managing in plant-foward and vegan restaurants such as the Michelin-starred Nix, XYST, Arata, ABCV, Ladybird, Mother of Pearl, and Cienfuegos to name a few. She enjoys cooking but firmly believes that more than half the fun is in the eating! To that end, she poses a question: Why cook every night when you can spend a day creating easy delicious healthy plant-based freezer meals for the entire week? 

Monika's experiences include how-to incorporate flavor when cooking plant-based, how-to properly prepare foods for freezer storage and re-heating, common pitfalls when executing freezer prep, and more.

If you're curious about meal-prepping or plant-based cooking, these accessible experiences are a great place to start. Everyone can stand to eat more vegetables...join Monika, she'll show you just how easy it can be!

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About this course

Intimidated to cook with a chef? Don't be!

In this expeience, we'll make three different preparations of cashew cream sauce and learn how to freeze them for meal prep TV dinners. We will also learn the trick to preparing pasta that reheats perfectly from the freezer (either on the stove or in the microwave!).

You will leave this experience with 9-12 frozen TV dinners with 3 unique flavor profiles.

See the sister experience "Veggin' Like a Pro" to further enhance this experience.


- Blender Medium Sauce Pan Chef's Knife Cutting Board Measuring Cups Ice Cube Trays


- Garlic - Powder

- Onion - Powder

- White Wine

- Shallots

- Broth - Vegetable

- Extra Virgin Olive Oil

- White Vinegar

- Salt - Sea

- Pasta - Penne

- Cashews Raw

- Garlic Paste

- Nutritional Yeast

- Chickpea Miso

- Sun Dried Tomato Paste

- Petite Diced Tomatoes

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