Pan seared chicken, hot jumbo shell 3 cheese pasta

90 Mins

3 Servings


Cost for Experience: $65.00

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Savory Like My Style


My name is Justin, and I gotta say, it ain't easy being cheesy, but cooking is my passion. Everyone who is in this industry says that because it truly takes a different kind of person to deal with the long hours, tough high stress situations and come back asking for more. After 12 years in the industry overseeing production, training countless numbers of employees on new menus and opening 3 separate restaurants, I'm at a point in my life I want to teach you how to cook.  

In the words of the great Chef Gusto, "Anyone can cook , but only the fearless will be great!" I can at the very least give you a taste of the true experience.

Okay, Chef gusto doesn't exist, but the movie ratatouille does. My kids and I love that movie, and honestly that quote holds so much truth. It is my belief that there are concepts and theories in the culinary field that are concrete and serve as the foundation to any real Chefs knowledge, but the key facts that set us apart are his/her abilities to expand the boundaries that have been set before us by the greats. More specifically making it taste better, picture ready and most certainly shareable. 

At the end of the day, my job its to assist you in your own culinary adventure to help you find your "inner chef" (ratatouille reference), so when you are getting ready to cook for the family, the boss or even the neighbor your trying to impress, I will help arm you with the tools and trick of the trade to make user friendly elegant dish's that can be easily transformable into your own creation. 

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About this course

Savory Like My Style

This is something you wont see anywhere else. Just do it.


- Sauce pot

- Sautee pan

- sauce pan

- knife

- tongs

- Rubbermaid high temp spatula

- cutting board


- Parsley

Learning is fun, but a safe environment and good Wifi ensure a successful Experience!

The focus of all of our Experiences is learning in a fun, easygoing environment – but it’s not fun if we don’t have a smooth, safe adventure together. To set the stage for a successful Experience, please make sure you stock your kitchen with the necessary safety equipment in case of any accidents (smoke detector, a first aid kit, fire extinguisher or blanket, and know your emergency phone numbers!) and make sure your Wifi can support the class. Generally, if you can stream a video or movie on your laptop or computer, your Wifi should support one of our classes (and if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us for help!)


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