Tortillas de maiz (corn tortillas)

60 Mins

8 Servings


Cost for Experience: $50.00

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Tacos and Tequila!

Latin Chef in the Bay Area. 

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About this course

Tacos and Tequila!

Nothing is more delicious then eating house made tortillas, with a little salsa and a delicious slice of queso fresco. In Mexico (and lots of Hispanic & Latin family's in the U.S.) this is eaten in between meals as a botana (snack). I have some delicious childhood memories of my abulita making me a tortilla, with some refried beans and queso fresco as my little tummy could not wait for the meal to be ready.
 Making corn tortillas from maseca is easy, really delicious, and it will make you the talk of Taco Tuesday. With a little practice you'll be making tortillas with spinach, kale, or even chocolate, your imagination will be the limit. And of course you can't forget about your loyal sous chef senior tequila/mezcal who brings all the fun and good times to the kitchen 


- 8-inch tortilla press 10-inch comal/skillet or 10-inch non stick saute pan blender tongs cutting board pairing knife small rubber spatula molcajete bowl


- Maseca

- Tomatillo

- Pepper - Serrano

- Onion - White

- Avocado

- Garlic

- Cilantro

- Salt - Kosher

Learning is fun, but a safe environment and good Wifi ensure a successful Experience!

The focus of all of our Experiences is learning in a fun, easygoing environment – but it’s not fun if we don’t have a smooth, safe adventure together. To set the stage for a successful Experience, please make sure you stock your kitchen with the necessary safety equipment in case of any accidents (smoke detector, a first aid kit, fire extinguisher or blanket, and know your emergency phone numbers!) and make sure your Wifi can support the class. Generally, if you can stream a video or movie on your laptop or computer, your Wifi should support one of our classes (and if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us for help!)



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What makes this experience special is the tequila sipping thats taken in between breaks :D

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What makes this experience special is the tequila sipping thats taken in between breaks :D

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