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The Deri Dari platform allows you to search by Chef or Experience. Each Experience represents a recipe custom designed by a Chef highlighting their unique cooking style and speciality. Deri Dari Experiences have optional Ingredient Delivery in selected areas, purchasable for one household or as a package for an entire Group Experience. Our exclusive Ingredient Delivery system allows for you to choose the ingredients you would like to have for your course and have those items delivered to your home prior to their event.

Our Chefs

Deri Dari Chefs have been hand selected for their teaching abilities, outgoing personalities, and culinary skills. Each Chef has met our stringent interview and application process, are subject to customer reviews and Deri Dari oversight for accountability.

Our Experiences

All of the Experiences listed on Deri Dari are bookable by household. One household represents one family unit or individual. If you wish to book an Experience for more than one household this option is also available up to a total of six households/individuals, on six different devices. When booking for additional households please have a contact email available representing each household for confirmation, optional ingredient delivery, recipe, and video conferencing link. Our chefs choose their recipes based on knowledge, quality, and an estimated cooking time of one hour.

Custom Experience

Build a unique Culinary Journey with a Chef using the Deri Dari chat feature. Perfect for corporate events, large family gatherings, holidays, dinner dates, or recipe scaling. Contact a Chef directly using the email “Contact Me” link on their biography or Experience page to finalize dates, times, Experience and recipe. Once arrangements have been agreed upon, the Chef will create a custom booking for your approval and purchase. For all custom bookings Deri Dari’s logistical experts can source ingredients and equipment needed. Deri Dari can help customers create the perfect Culinary Event fitting any need or desire. Just ask!

Check Availability

Check Your Chef’s Availability

Once you find the Experience you want and click the “Book Now” button you will be directed to the “Book this Experience” page, where you'll find more information about that particular cooking Experience.

On that page, you'll find Chef availability and any scheduled dates and times, cost and the option for a group or private Experience. If you don't see a date or time that works for you, use the "Contact me" email button to get in touch with the Chef to explore options - or to make recipe substitutions or other booking customizations.

Our Chef will work with you to create the cooking Experience that works for you!

Book Your Chef

What’s Next?

After you’ve found your Experience or worked with a Chef to develop a custom booking - and/or the availability, date and time are right for all of you, your next step is to sign into our system and complete the booking.

Sign Up/Sign In and Book Now

If you already have an account with Deri Dari, sign in and click on the “Book Now” button to create or purchase your personal or group cooking Experience. If you don’t have an account with us yet, you will be directed to our sign-up page where you can fill in your name, email, and chosen password to create an account. Once verified by email confirmation, you will be able to sign in to continue with the booking process.

Booking an Experience and Choosing the Number of Households

After creating your account, you can choose your Interactive Culinary Experience and use the Book Now feature to choose the number of households that will participate in the Experience. Each household represents one family unit or individual. Deri Dari Experiences can be booked for up to six households. Once you have chosen the number of households you would like to book for, you will then be prompted to enter contact email addresses for all participating households. We’ll use the email addresses to send confirmations, the video link, optional ingredient delivery information, and the recipe.

Ingredient Delivery

After confirming the number of households and booking, customers will be asked to enter a valid zip code to check eligibility for ingredient delivery. If ingredient delivery is available, you’ll see a list of all ingredients to choose from, selecting which (or all!) you would like delivered.

If ingredient delivery is not available in your area, you will be sent directly to the payment portal for credit card input and booking confirmation.

Payment and Confirmation

Once payment is complete, you will receive a confirmation email with essential information for your Experience including recipe, a link to your event page, date and time confirmation, and helpful hints and tricks.

Have Your Experience

Having Your Experience

Our exclusive video conferencing software allows for you to see, interact with, ask questions, and converse with your chef in real time during your Experience.

To review the recipe or preparation information for your Experience, please visit the event page. This page is accessible from your customer dashboard located by clicking on “My Orders” after successfully logging in or can be found in your confirmation email.

At the confirmed date and time for your Experience, go to your customer dashboard and click on the associated box with the correct information for your Experience. Here you will find your embedded video chat. Once your Chef logs in, the live video will automatically begin.

To ensure there is no stress or challenges during your Live Interactive Experience there are a few things that should be done beforehand.

Please check the wifi connection and signal strength in the kitchen that you will be using for preparing the recipe - if you have successfully streamed music or movies, you should be good.

Please have your laptop, tablet or cell phone fully charged and ready for use as a live link to your Chef.

Please have all ingredients and equipment ready, unpackaged, and prepared according to your Chef’s recommendations.

During the Experience, at the bottom right of the screen there are four suqares coupled toegther, this button is used to toggle between different camera view layouts ensuring maximum visibility.

All Deri Dari Experiences are recorded for quality assurance and use by customers for seven days after an Experience conclusion.

Still Have Questions? Conctact Our Support Team!